Pakistan makes Facebook Messenger a weapon against the Corona virus

Pakistan makes Facebook Messenger a weapon against the Corona virus

Posted on Mar 24, 2020

The number of cases of corona disease Covid-19 in Pakistan is increasing swiftly and the figure has reached 873.

That is why the government of Pakistan has started using Facebook, the most powerful social media network to raise awareness and prevent the transmission of misinformation in this regard.

Facebook Messenger has introduced a program for governments and global health organizations around the world to spread information about Coronavirus in a timely manner.

Under this program, messenger developers will be connected to government agencies to facilitate the development of apps and chatbots, so that people can be informed about the latest outbreaks, answers to queries and more. ۔

Pakistan is one of the first countries to join the new Facebook Messenger program and introduce a chatbot.

Facebook, a blog said that the Ministry of National Health of Argentina, UNICEF and Pakistan has started using Messenger to share Cod19 information.

You can find different information about Coronavirus in Pakistan by visiting this link.

Prime Minister's Assistant Special Health Minister Dr. Zafar Mirza said in the program, "Facebook's support for the global crisis of Coronavirus is very important to raise public awareness and provide vital medical tips to the citizens, with the help of Messenger. It will help us provide authentic information to those who want to know the latest information about the Coronavirusfacebook while keeping the helpline open for more important cases. '


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The hackathon is being created by Facebook, encouraging developers to develop messaging solutions for coding issues such as Code 19.

Like the Facebook-owned WhatsApp app, Messenger is the most used messaging app in the world with close to 1.5 billion users daily.

Because WhatsApp and Messenger are free services and simply require an Internet connection, text messaging is often preferred by Safaris.

This is why WhatsApp and Messenger are often used to spread misinformation, which is being tackled by Facebook, like Google, Twitter, and other companies.

Facebook announced the establishment of a new Corona Information Center to supply content from official sources, while a chatbot and hub for the World Health Organization for WhatsApp was also introduced.


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