Nokia C1 Cheapest Smart Phone of The Company

Nokia C1 Cheapest Smart Phone of The Company

Posted on Dec 13, 2019

The phone was introduced in Kenya and will soon be available for sale in other developing countries.


It is a 5.45-inch phone with an IPS panel while strong glass is used to protect against scratches.


It has a 5-megapixel camera and LED flash on the front, which helps in taking much better images even at low light, thus saving the company cost of expensive processors and machine learning.


It has a single camera on the back which is 5 megapixel with LED flash.


Nokia did not say anything about the processor company in the phone, but it is a quad-core 1.3 Hz processor (presumably from Media Tech).


There is 16GB of storage with one GB RAM, which can be further enhanced with a microSD card.



The Nokia C1 is a dual SIM phone but not an LTE connectivity option but a 3G phone and supports Wi-Fi 4.


However, as part of the Android Go program, most apps reduce data usage and work fine on the slow Internet.


Android 9 operating system with 2500mAh battery has been provided.


It is to be noted that last week Nokia announced the introduction of 2.3 phones in Pakistan December 20, priced at over Rs 18,000.

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