New browser like Microsoft's Chrome are now available to users

New browser like Microsoft's Chrome are now available to users

After a year of preparation, Microsoft has finally introduced its new Edge browser for Windows and the Mac operating system.

In fact, Microsoft has now made its web browser similar to Chrome and used a rendering engine called Google Chromium for the purpose that Google uses for its browser.

Simply put, this new Edge browser will work just as well for websites as Google Chrome, and it will not face the same problems that other browsers currently have.

Microsoft software can also use the browser extensions that are currently available for Google Chrome. Just Chrome extensions will need to be installed by installing browser accesses.

This is different from the previous Microsoft Edge that the company built on its browser engine.

If your computer has an original Edge or Edge beta version, this new version will not overwrite it.

You can select Windows or macOS in the download menu by visiting this link, this browser is available for Windows 10 but since it is built on Chromium it can also be installed on Windows 8.1, 8 and 7., However, Windows 7 support has been officially terminated by Microsoft.

In addition, Edge can be downloaded on iOS and Android.

After opening the link, click on the download button and after clicking on Accept, the download will start downloading. If it does not launch automatically, open the installation file in the Downloads folder and then install the browser.

This browser will automatically start up when installed, if you have Chrome, Edge will ask you to import bookmarks, autofill data and history from the Google browser.

In addition, customized import buttons can also import data from Firefox.


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