Mobile internet speed better than India in Pakistan, reports

Mobile internet speed better than India in Pakistan, reports

Posted on Jan 31, 2020

If you are accustomed to using the Internet on mobile phones then know that Pakistan has overtaken India in this regard.

South Korea, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar are the countries that are leading in terms of mobile Internet speed and download, according to a December 2019 release list of speed tests worldwide Internet speed ranking site.

South Korea tops the list of mobile Internet with an average download speed of 103.18 Mbps.

Second in the case is UAE, with an average speed of 86.77 Mbps.

Then Qatar was third with 79.21 Mbps, Canada was fourth with 70.74 Mbps and China was fifth with 67.71 Mbps.

Pakistan ranks 117th in the list of 140 countries where the average speed of mobile Internet downloads is 14.85 Mbps and upload speed is 11.62 Mbps.

Pakistan is ahead of Bangladesh, Indonesia, and India in this regard.

However, in terms of broadband internet speed, Singapore topped the list with 200.12 Mbps, while Hong Kong came in second with 164.88 Mbps.

In this list of 177 countries, Pakistan is ranked 155th with 4 level improvement, with download loading speed of 9.49 Mbps and upload speed of 7.39 Mbps, while India ranks 67th with 42.14 Mbps.

According to the list, the worldwide mobile Internet loading speed is 32.01 Mbps on average and upload is 12.02 Mbps, compared to the global download loading average of 73.58 Mbps on Broadband Internet and uploading an average of 40.39. MBPS


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