Microsoft's New Edge Browser Logo Reveals

Microsoft's New Edge Browser Logo Reveals

Posted on Nov 3, 2019

Microsoft has now made its web browser edge like Chrome and used a rendering engine called Chromium for the purpose Google uses for its Chrome browser. The new chromium power engine of Microsoft Edge has been given, so the company is ready to give this browser a new look.
Edge's new redesign logo has been introduced by Microsoft, which is inspired by the tide and does not match the old Internet Explorer icon. That is, it has e, but aside from that, this logo is completely different from Internet Explorer in the past. The company doesn't want any more imitation because they have declared it obsolete.
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The Chromium-based Edge browser has been available in the beta version since August this year, but it's unclear how long the final version will be launched. Microsoft's developer conference is on November 4th, with more details about this browser likely to be revealed.
Only 2% of users currently use Edge, while Chrome accounts for more than 62%. It should be noted that Firefox was introduced in 2004, and Google Chrome in 2008 was equipped with faster and better features than Microsoft Internet Explorer, which made Microsoft's browser fall.

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