Microsoft Announces Retirement of Internet Explorer

Microsoft Announces Retirement of Internet Explorer

Microsoft, the world's most popular digital technology corporation, has announced that it will no longer support Internet Explorer, the world's oldest and most popular browser. The Internet Explorer 11 web program will be retired on June 15, 2022, according to Microsoft. This is the Internet Explorer edition that comes with Windows 10.

Windows 10's long-term servicing channel, which has long been used in MRI machines and air traffic control systems, will be unaffected by the change. Internet Explorer 11 desktop applications and other servers will be affected by the retirement. In 2016, Microsoft urged users to uninstall Internet Explorer, implying that the firm would shut down the browser.

Since 2016, Microsoft has ceased promoting the old edition of Internet Explorer, but it continues to support the 11th iteration of the modern web browser, which was released in 2013. Microsoft has warned users of the bugs in Internet Explorer many times in recent years, recommending that they use their new browser, Microsoft Edge, which will be released in early 2020. In 2020, Microsoft released a new browser called Microsoft Edge, which was designed to be comparable to Google Chrome.

To get the most out of the Internet, the Microsoft team recommended that customers use the company's 'Microsoft Edge' browser. Remember that the Internet Explorer browser was first released by Microsoft in 1995, and it was the only browser available at the time. For several years, Internet Explorer was the standard browser on the Internet, but in 2004, the Mozilla Foundation officially launched Firefox to replace it.

Despite the fact that the Firefox browser was created in 2002, it was not released to the general public until 2004. In 2008, Google surpassed everybody by launching the Google Chrome interface, which was released after Firefox.


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