Mercedes has introduced its new concept Car

Mercedes has introduced its new concept Car

Posted on Jan 13, 2020

Mercedes has introduced its new concept vehicle, which came straight out of the Hollywood movie 'Avatar'.

At the CES exhibition in Las Vegas, Mercedes-Benz presented the concept vehicle Vision Avatar and for this, the company has partnered with director James Cameron's movie series.

This is an amazing concept vehicle because it is designed like soap of the future, with sparkling badges and lines on the wheels.

This car has no door and on its back is given 33 moving multi-directional bionic flaps that look like a lizard's skull.

It is unclear how but it is believed that the vehicle gets the energy to move from here, while the drivers and passengers have the opportunity to see the amazing view of the outside world.


Photo courtesy of Mercedes
There is a large screen on the front of the car that is designed in a weird triangle.

When seated inside the vehicle, it checks the passenger's pulse and holds your breath, and Mercedes says this biometric connection is essential for this vehicle to function. The pulse control pad on the console is the place where you place your hand while sitting, and from there you will be able to use all its important functions.

That is, when picking up your hands you will see a palm on a menu screen, where you can explore the world shown in the movie avatar in different ways, while the design of its seats is like the gold swing of the avatar's characters. Is.

The company said that the screens could be used to monitor children in the vehicle, meaning that parents would not have to worry about the children sitting behind, while the light on the back of the passenger's pulse seat would display the children. There will be a sense of security.


Photo courtesy of Mercedes
The vehicle features technology for children called Magic Pool which will provide them with the experience of learning games and augmented reality technology.

The car will be able to drive automatically, but most likely it will be a bus concept design and will never be available to the general public.


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