It is now possible to schedule and draft messages on Twitter

It is now possible to schedule and draft messages on Twitter

Posted on Jun 1, 2020

The social networking site Twitter is used by most people but most of them have to post their message at a certain time but this site does not have the option of scheduling but has to resort to a Twitter deck or a third party app.

And now Twitter has introduced a tweet scheduling feature that users can use on Twitter's web app.

This feature was first introduced in November last year but was only available to a few people but now it has been introduced to all users.

This new feature will be very helpful for users who tweet a lot but were forced to resort to TweetDeck or a third-party service for the first schedule.

To use this feature, first go to the compose window, where a clock icon will appear that can be used to schedule a message.


Just schedule it by entering the time and date of your choice and that's it.

In addition, the message can be drafted for a specific time, for which write the message and click on the cross mark at the top left, after which the save option will come.

To view this message again, on the text window, in the upper right, there will be an option to send tweets, which can be clicked to view draft messages.

As noted above, this feature was previously limited to TweetDeck, a Twitter dashboard app used for viewing tweets, hashtags, trends, and more, while viewing many tweets at once and Can link to multiple accounts at once.

And with this feature, questions are being raised about the future of Twitter Deck


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