Is Whatsapp going to introduce Dark mode soon?

Is Whatsapp going to introduce Dark mode soon?

Posted on Mar 4, 2020

Millions of users of WhatsApp have been patiently waiting for the feature of the Dark Theme in this most popular messaging application for the past 2 years.

Despite being one of the most popular mobile apps, the WhatsApp feature has not yet been introduced to the Dark Mode, though WhatsApp-owned company Facebook has promised to roll out soon in 2018 and has been working ever since.

This feature was first introduced in January in the Android Beta version of WhatsApp and then introduced in the iOS beta app, while the Dark theme appeared on the WhatsApp web these days, but now it looks like the company Making it accessible to all users soon.

Twitter, Facebook and Instagram were everywhere in the WhatsApp profile picture with a WhatsApp logo with a green background, but now black platforms have been added to the three platforms, indicating that the company's behalf This feature is expected to be introduced soon on the app and web interface.

This feature will allow users to select Light or Dark theme, while the system default theme may also be possible if using a phone with Android 9 or later operating system.

With regard to the Dark mode, WhatsApp has also added Dark Sold wallpapers last month, which is available to all users.

This new addition will help to make the Dark mode even better because if the light colours wallpaper with the Dark mode is inaccessible, the screen light remains brighter and the Dark theme is of no use.

Whatsapp chats will look even better in dark mode with darker wallpapers.

Keep in mind that in November 2018, Google said that the Dark Mode helps save smartphone battery life in various apps.

The company said that the presence of the Dark mode in operating systems and apps increases battery life because the device uses less battery power than the Dark mode in Normal mode, as the screen consumes more battery power in Normal mode.

The use of dark mode can also help protect against the harmful effects of eyesight on the light emitted from the smartphone.


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