Introducing Uber's flying taxi concept design

Introducing Uber's flying taxi concept design

Ride-sharing company Uber's first glimpse of a taxi that transported passengers to the destination instead of the road.

During the CES exhibition in Las Vegas, Hyundai introduced the concept design of a flying taxi designed for Uber.

This prototype model is essentially a helicopter-inspired aircraft that will enable passengers of the Ober Air Flight Sharing Service to reach their destination.

Ober Air is expected to be rolled out in Los Angeles, Dallas and Melbourne by 2023, and the service will be a long commute.

"This car will take Uber to the sky because we can't produce self-propelled taxis, so Hyundai is preparing this aircraft for us," said Eric Allison, head of Uber Elite.

"The day to take passengers through Hyundai's flying taxis to heaven is closer than you expected," he said.


Photo courtesy of Uber
Hyundai E The VTOL (Electric Vertical Tech of Landing) has been named SA1 and is currently a concept model whose commercial model has not been dated, but Hyundai wishes to have 4 passengers through it. Make it possible to reach the destination.

Under the scheme, these flying vehicles will be gradually automated.

These Hyundai flying vehicles operate on full power, which can travel up to 60 miles at a height of 2,000 feet and will be possible to charge in 10 minutes.

The vehicle can travel at speeds of up to 180 miles per hour, and Uber says that every 20 miles will cost around $ 100.



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