Introducing Audio Transcription soon in Google Translate

Introducing Audio Transcription soon in Google Translate

Google has decided to introduce the live transcription feature in the Translate app on Android phones.

This feature will allow users to record audio in one language and render or play it in real-time in another language.

This feature is currently in its early stages, but Google's technology was demonstrated Tuesday during various artificial intelligence tests in San Francisco.

According to Google, when this feature is introduced, it will need an internet connection to run, although Google Translate does not require internet to use AI translation features.

The company said that real-time transcriptions of different languages ​​are much more complex than translating texts.

This feature won't work on audio files, or at least not in the beginning, but the user will have to play live audio on a smartphone microphone to use it, but this can be done by playing the recorded audio on a speaker.

Google says this feature will improve audio with sentences, meaning it will correct the choice of specific words based on the phrase, and also correct the accent and native dialect.

According to the company, over time the AIl ​​models will improve significantly and this will almost certainly translate to true.

The launch date has not been announced by Google, and it just says that it will be available to users at some point in the future.



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