Instagram Introduces a New Feature to Protect Consumers

Instagram Introduces a New Feature to Protect Consumers

Facebook-owned Photo Sharing App Instagram introduces a new feature to protect consumers from online abuse and threats.

Now users will be warned on Instagram when they think a caption of a photo or video post is objectionable.

The purpose of this feature is to give users the opportunity to post their writing thoughtfully so that they do not suffer from the abuse of other people.

This is similar to the warning word selection in comments introduced this year.

It does not stop the feature from negative comments, but it does ask to think again before posting.

Negative comments have the user saying 'Do you want to post it? We are asking people to re-think the comment as such comments continue to be reported. '

The company said the results of this feature were quite encouraging.

According to Instagram, this new feature and earlier feature relies on artificial facial technology, capturing the user with captions and encouraging the user to re-think writing better.

The company says that although a user may be made aware of a potentially bad language caption but can post it, it can also be deleted by the company if it violates the app's rules and regulations.


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