In Facebook, new live streaming features are introduced

In Facebook, new live streaming features are introduced

Posted on Mar 30, 2020

Facebook is working on a new feature that will make it easier for people to access live streams but can also be used by people who are not members of the social network.

This feature is intended to meet the demand for live video.

Companies that do not use Facebook will be allowed to watch live streams on mobile devices, which was previously only possible on desktops.

This feature is available to Android users and will be rolling out to users of iOS devices in the coming weeks.

Facebook is also adding new options that will make the live stream reach people who are missing out on a smartphone or good mobile data.

It's called the Public Switch Telephone Network, which allows users to listen to the live stream at a toll-free number, just like talking on a conference call.

facebook live

The audio-only mode is also being introduced on Facebook Live so that people can hear the sound of the video instead.

This new feature will help with the unusual increase in demand for services during the Coronavirus outbreak.

The company said it is currently struggling to keep up with traffic as more and more people are using messaging apps.

The use of video calling and live streaming has increased by more than 70% while in Europe the company has reduced video quality.

Now with the help of new features, customers are being helped to connect with their loved ones in the current situation.


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