Imran Khan Inaugurated an Anti-Corruption App in Islamabad

Imran Khan Inaugurated an Anti-Corruption App in Islamabad

Prime Minister Imran Khan described the performance against corruption in Punjab as impressive and said that the Chief Minister has asked Punjab to publicize these measures.

Prime Minister Imran Khan inaugurated an anti-corruption app in Islamabad and while addressing the function said, 'I am very happy to launch the app as it is a big step in making Pakistan a modern society'.

He said that the performance of the Anti-Corruption Establishment and the money it received is very impressive and I would urge the Chief Minister to publicize it so that people will know what the benefits of the anti-corruption measures are. Is'.

The Prime Minister said: "About Rs. 130 billion was brought back to the people's land and 5 billion rupees of cash were expended. But it is difficult in Pakistan that people do not understand what corruption and their lives are. Is concerned '.

He said: "People think that corruption has gone to government money. What does it matter to us and I have seen many corrupt people throw flowers and call them alive, but this is somebody. Loot your house and start throwing flowers at it


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