Huawei Wants to Bring 5G Technology to Pakistan

Huawei Wants to Bring 5G Technology to Pakistan

Posted on Nov 4, 2019

New 5G technology for mobile phones has been introduced in the US and South Korea, but how can this expensive technology be available in Pakistan at low rates? So the answer lies with the Chinese company Huawei, which wants to introduce low-cost 5G technology in South Asian countries, which has difficulties in establishing its network in the US and Europe.

The US is designating Huawei as a spy of the Chinese government and obstructing the formation of its FiveG technology networks in various countries. The breakdown of Huawei has led to the spread of Fiuji in Asian countries, where the company already has a strong position in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka, while also working to remove Indian concerns. The G trial is expected to begin later this year.

Huawei's spokesperson for Southeast Asia, speaking to Japanese daily Nikai Asian Review, said: "No politics, just digital, this is an option that all stakeholders benefit from. We try to complete the trial for our customers. And will work with industry partners in advancing FiveG technology.

According to the report, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and India are keen to introduce FiveG services in the second half of next year, while the establishment of the Five G network in Bangladesh will be possible by 2021. South Asia accounts for 25% of the world's total population and mobile Internet use is likely to reach 61% by 2025, and this is why it is possible for companies such as Huawei to make Five G devices. Not less than the ear.

The company earned $ 105 billion during 2018, although it also faces difficulties with the US in terms of FiveG Networks and saw a 1.3 percent decline in the carrier business. The report quoted a senior PTA official as saying that Huawei has already stepped firmly into the Pakistani market, which will benefit.

The close ties between China and Pakistan could also potentially be helpful to the company's ambitions to spread Five G. Huawei says it will provide $ 1.2 trillion in economic opportunities in South Asia and Southeast Asia over the next 5 years.

According to the company, the number of users of FiveG will exceed 8 million, internet traffic will increase 5 times overall while more than 20 smart cities will be set up, wireless, digital and intelligent devices will grow on average 4 to 8 percent. Will improve.

But a major challenge for Huawei may be to deliver this expensive technology to consumers in South Asia at reasonable prices, as attractive tariffs will drive a large number of people to Five G. According to Muhammad Sohail, head of Pakistan's Top Line Security Investors Advisory, internet data charges are currently much higher in Pakistan than in other developing countries, with the cost of FIVE G likely to increase further.

It is to be noted that the Five G network will be 100 times faster than the existing mobile Internet connections and 10 times faster than the broadband connections of homes. The two-and-a-half-hour movie can be downloaded in just a second via Five G.

FiveGee technology is being revolutionized in the world of modern Internet technology, which can be used and used in artificial intelligence, automobiles, powerhouses, hospital equipment, and other office equipment. Quality is likely to be 100% better than current standards

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