Huawei Use Android's Open Source Operating System

Huawei Use Android's Open Source Operating System

Huawei has been banned from using the Google Android system, Google services, and apps in its flagship phone Mate 30, which is due to be blacklisted by a US administration by a Chinese company now they use Android's open-source operating system. but it seems that this issue is not just about software.

In fact, the Mate 30 Series phones have no US-made components.

This was revealed in a Wall Street Journal report.

The report cited UBS and Japanese technology lab Fomahout analysts that as a result of US sanctions, Huawei has discovered suppliers that have no connection to the US.

According to the report, it seems that Huawei developed Amplifier with the help of its subsidiary High Silicon, while hired Dutch company NXP for the audio chip, replacing Chris.

All of this is part of efforts to end dependency on US suppliers.

It is understood that Huawei was blacklisted by the US in May this year and as a result, it lost supply of equipment and parts to US companies and their business was subject to a US government license. ۔

Last month some US companies, including Microsoft, were issued licenses, while some were denied, but the names of those companies did not include Google.

Huawei's founder said in an interview last week that we would prefer to work with Google as long as possible, but we are also working on a massive backup plan.

Huawei introduced its operating system Harmony in August this year while also introducing its own App Store, which currently has 45,000 apps that can be downloaded, compared to 28 million in the Google Play Store.


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