Huawei may have access to Google services again

Huawei may have access to Google services again

Huawei's new phones are currently missing from the Google Play Store and other services, but it seems that the Chinese company's problems will soon subside.

In fact, Google has submitted a license request to the US government to reissue its license to use Google Mobile Services for Huawei.

It is understood that Huawei was blacklisted by the United States in May 2019, which prevented US companies from working with a Chinese company subject to the issuance of a license.

Microsoft obtained this license or exception and is now working with Huawei.

If Google were granted a similar exemption, Huawei would immediately update Google Mobile Services on existing devices, meaning users could use Play Store, Maps, Photos, YouTube and Gmail on their phones.

After depriving Google of services, Huawei introduced alternative Huawei mobile services but the number of apps is limited while Facebook apps along with Google apps and services are not part of it.

The company claims that Huawei's App Gallery can have up to 400 million monthly subscribers and is the third-largest app store after Google and Apple.

Huawei App Gallery is a new alternative to its users compared to Google Apps and Play Store, which means it has over 40 million monthly subscribers in 170 countries/regions, with mainstream apps and services are present.

Some users have restored Google services in Huawei phones via sideloading, but Google has warned that doing so will allow hackers to access devices and access data with fake Google apps.

It is unclear at this time how Google will be allowed by the US government to work with Huawei.


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