Huawei Honor Brand Ready to Sell for 15 Billion Dollars

Huawei Honor Brand Ready to Sell for 15 Billion Dollars

According to information shared by China-based news sources, Huawei is preparing to sell the Honor brand for around $ 15 billion.

Recently, a major claim has been made about Huawei, which has been struggling with the US embargo decisions. Based on what the China-based sources serve, Huawei Honor brands ready to sell for 15 billion. (100 billion yuan) can sell.

If you remember, in the reports shared above, Huawei was asked to use its resources correctly and remove the load after heavy penalties. It was claimed to sell Honor. However, when there was no official statement on the matter after the events, the accusations were thought to be unfounded.

But, by Reuters today Together, claims reappeared that Honor will be sold. In stating that Huawei is putting Honor up for sale, the source said, Huawei has 15 percent of the brand in question. China Digital Group and Shenzhen local government stated that it would sell to various startups it supports.

In shared reports, Huawei 100 billion yuan so sharply 15.2 billion dollars. It is also claimed that it will generate revenue. Of course, for now, both Huawei him the China Digital Group. It should also be noted that there is no official statement from the front.

However, according to information Reuters obtained from reliable sources, the sale of Huawei's sub-brand on November 15, 2020, we also see that it can be officially announced.


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