Huawei finds an alternative of Google Maps

Huawei finds an alternative of Google Maps

Posted on Jan 21, 2020

Huawei has been working on developing alternative apps and services since deporting Google services as a result of US sanctions.

And now the most important development of this list comes in the name of TomTom, which will replace Google Maps on the Chinese company's devices.

According to Reuters news agency, Dutch navigation and digital mapping company TomTom has signed a deal with Huawei, after which the Chinese company will have the opportunity to use maps and other services for their apps.

Talks between the two companies had been going on for some time, but this has now been made public.

Needless to say, Maps is a very important app in Google Mobile Apps that comes preloaded on Android phones, which gives users a detailed map of almost every corner of the globe while also being used for navigation.

Dutch company TomTom has been developing navigation software since the nineties.

This agreement is a significant breakthrough from Huawei's efforts to provide Google services to alternative services users since the Chinese company's phones currently have an open-source Android operating system, but Google Play Store, Maps, YouTube and other services exist.

Harmony was introduced in August last year following Huawei's US sanctions, but it is currently being used in smart TVs or similar products to replace smartphones.

Last week Huawei announced a $ 26 million concession in developing apps for the company's own App Store Huawei mobile services.

It may be recalled that in May 2019, the United States barred Huawei from trading with US companies, and a special government license was imposed on US companies for the delivery of parts to Huawei.

Huawei was blacklisted by the Trump administration as a threat to US national security and said its devices could be used for espionage, a charge the Chinese company has always denied.


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