Huawei Announces the Launch of Its Own Operating System "Harmony OS" in June

Huawei Announces the Launch of Its Own Operating System "Harmony OS" in June

Huawei was refused access to Google applications and software in May 2019 as a part of US sanctions. In 2019, the company released the Harmony OS operating system, but it is yet to make its way into smartphones.

However, it appears that Huawei is ready to replace Harmony OS with Android in its tablets. Dr. Wang Chenglu, President of Huawei's Consumer Business Group, announced that some smartphones will be upgraded to Harmony OS 2.0 starting in June 2021.

He said at a Chinese event that Harmony OS will be installed on 300 million smartphones, laptops, and other Internet of Thing’s gadgets by the end of 2021. It's possible that the P50 series' flagship will be Huawei's first phones to come with Harmony OS pre-installed instead of Android. The phones were supposed to be released in March, but according to the latest news, the P50 series will be released in June.

Earlier sources suggested that Huawei's EMUI-based systems will be upgraded to Harmony OS 2.0. However, sources now say that only phones equipped with the Karen processor can be upgraded to the latest operating system. In readiness for the separation from Android, the business is also extending Petal Services to replace alternative services.

Petal Scan, as well as Petal Maps and Docs, were recently launched as search engines in the company's smartphones. Huawei is also scheduled to release Petal Assistant, Petal Keyboard, and Petal Vision, an augmented reality software, in the near future.


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