How to use Kiddle- Kid Friendly and safe search engine

How to use Kiddle- Kid Friendly and safe search engine

Posted on Oct 7, 2019

Kiddle is a kid-friendly and safe search engine for kids it is checked by our editors or filtered by google safe search. People who want to know how their kids can be safe from internet‘s harmful material should use kiddle for safe searching. They can find out kiddle has the ability to block the restricted contents on website as the guard robot will block unexpected search results. Or even can use a site-blocking form to restrict harmful websites or the ones you don’t want to let your kids surf.

In today’s modern era we use the internet for recreation and educational purposes. Every parent should provide their children a safe search engine which helps them grow faster to learn different aspects of life. We provide this website which is authentic and authorized by educators, librarians, and parents across the world. Here are few things to tell your kids how to use Kiddle.

1) Teach online safety

Make sure your children well understand the boundaries to use internet according to their activities in family or school once they agreed to it they would stick to them. Teach them the kiddle controls and restricts the age-appropriate sites through search engine so they have to search only relative sites.

Always beware of your kids not to post personal things or information to any of the websites like name, school, and address and phone numbers. Also put on privacy settings to your friends only so it must not be public. Keeping passwords safe and think before posting anything to friends to avoid any mishaps. Achieve kid's trust so if anything happens or someone torments them online and makes them uncomfortable, they should share someone adult.

2) Stay involved, and monitor what sites they visit.

The Internet is like a city with all kinds of neighborhood so always make sure not to leave them alone in their internet world. Check their internet access on computers, tablets or phones what sites or apps they are using.

Being a parent teaches your children if they are young how to navigate internet safely does it yourself with them so they avoid using another website. If they are old then keep checking what they are accessing and most probably they should know what to access.

Benefits of Kiddle

1. Safe search
kiddle is a family-friendly search engine as we filter sites with explicit and deceptive content or spam.

2) Kids-oriented results

Kiddle returns results for the query.

3. Big thumbnails

Big thumbnails are easy to understand.

4) Large Arial font

Better readability for kids.

5) Privacy

Kiddle can be used for personal or educational purposes and is powered by Google Safe Search.


Is there a kid-friendly search engine?

Yes, Kiddle is a friendly search engine with a site blocking feature.

Is there a Google search for kids?

Yes, kids can search only age-based sites coz of restriction

Is Kiddle safe for kids?

Yes, kiddle is safe for kids and harmless search engine

Is Kiddle owned by Google?

Not really kiddle is not affiliated with Google LLC.

What is the best search engine for kids?

Kiddle- Kid friendly and safe search engine



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