How to Fix EasyPaisa Money Transfer Error Code [ESB99154] | Solved

How to Fix EasyPaisa Money Transfer Error Code [ESB99154] | Solved

Easy Paisa is one of the most widely used app for transfering money to Easypaisa, JazzCash, CNIC or Bank Transfer in Pakistan. Millions of Poeple in Pakistan Used Easpaisa to transfer money to their beloved or for Business Purpose.

In latest version of EasyPaisa some people face error while transfering the money.

EasyPaisa App Error Code ESB99154. You cannot perform this transaction at this moment. Please Try again Later

This error appear normally when you transfer money to JazzCash or Bank Acccount. We have found the solution to this problem.

In January 2021 Easpaisa Telenor Bank has revised its charges and money transfer limit. Now User can Transfer only 5000 a month with max 3 transaction in a month to other banks including JazzCash.

Easypaisa error code ESB99154

So if you are sending money more than 5000 to Jazzcash or Other Bank Transfer this will give "Error Code ESB99154".

Try to send less than 5000 in a month, you can do it successfully.





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