How successful is the Huawei App Gallery compared to the Google Play Store?

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Huawei has suffered from deprivation of Google services and other services including Play Store due to US sanctions, and that’s why the Chinese company introduced its app gallery last year.

And now the company has announced that Huawei App Gallery has a potential monthly subscriber base of 40 million and is the third-largest app store after Google and Apple.

Huawei App Gallery is a new alternative to its users compared to Google Apps and Play Store, which means it has over 40 million monthly subscribers in 170 countries/regions, with mainstream apps and services are present.

Introducing Huawei’s new foldable phone Mate XS, the company’s CEO Richard Yu said, “Privacy is always at the heart of our philosophy, under your control, we are protecting privacy and cybersecurity in all of our business operations. The first priority, we have tight privacy and cybersecurity solutions for the Huawei App Gallery ‘.

He reiterated his commitment to developers to bring their apps to the company’s new app gallery, saying the gallery would be just as good as Google and the Apple App Store.

“We will welcome developers from all over the world to join Huawei Mobile Services and millions of monthly customers will prove to be a new and good source of revenue for developers,” he said.

The Huawei App Gallery has an age rating system for child protection and filters out apps that are not age-appropriate.

Similarly, there are various methods for protecting sensitive data and privacy such that biometric data is never processed outside of the Huawei device and users are given full control over personal data.

EMUI gives users control over app user permissions, while all data is stored anonymously and locally.

Currently, Google Apps and Facebook apps are not available in the Huawei App Gallery, but there are 18 categories that include News, Social Media, Entertainment and others. According to the company, if no app user is found then the desired app name list is listed. I can put the user in the know when it’s available.

According to the company, the apps downloaded from this app gallery work better on Huawei devices, which is an open AI platform called Huawei HighAI.

Similarly, a feature called QuickApps is a new type of free apps that provides the user with powerful functions and automatic updates of HTML 5 pages but the storage of consumer devices is minimal.

Quick Apps writes 1/5 per cent of the code as compared to Android apps, which takes up less memory space; in simple terms, this feature can accommodate 2 thousand Quick Apps instead of just 20 apps in GB space.

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