How much does Facebook know about you? It’s easier to know now

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Facebook knows so much about you that most people don’t even know, but this company wants people to know about it too.

A blog post from Facebook has revealed that users will now be able to view and download the data it collects.

You can find this data in the Facebook Mobile app or in the Settings menu of the desktop site in the Your Facebook Information section.

There you have to click on the download your information, while the download your data tool can be used on Instagram which explains how this company tracks your habits on these platforms ie add on profile. Doing or liking what pages or posts.

This information is also used to display content on Facebook and Instagram feeds, but it also raises concerns about data privacy.

There is also an option called Off Facebook Activities in the Your Facebook Information section.

Clicking on it will show you a list of all the websites and apps that Facebook tracks when you aren’t using Facebook.

In fact, you will be amazed at how much Facebook knows about your online activities.

This list of Facebook also lists how many times and how many times you visit a website and clicking on a name will tell how the company knew it and what they did with this information.

If you would like to clear this data, there will be a Clear History button at the top that clicks on Facebook to alert you that by doing so you may be logged out of the services you use Facebook. 

The data acquisition process from Facebook will continue even after this cleanup and will stop when you do not use the opt-out option that is hidden in the Manage Future Activity page, located on the right-hand side of the website version. ۔

If you turn off data collection from Facebook, you will see the same ads as before, but they will be less personalized.

And yes this data will be disconnected as it is not from your account and will not be fully deleted from Facebook servers, as Facebook reported in August last year.

But this is to give the user some degree of transparency and also to some degree of control over Facebook to prevent unnecessary data collection.

You can also learn a few other things on Facebook Download Your Information and be amazed at how much Facebook and Instagram track you.

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