Have you used WhatsApp incorrectly?

Have you used WhatsApp incorrectly?

Posted on Jan 7, 2020

More than half a billion people use the WhatsApp, but millions of them are using this popular messaging app incorrectly.

In addition to animated images, group chats, one-to-one chat, audio and image messages, this messaging service also has an easy way to help users and that is archives.

According to a report, more than 100 billion messages were sent worldwide in WhatsApp within 24 hours on December 31, and it is estimated that each user received an average of more than 10 messages.

WhatsApp has many things like faster loading, end to end encrypted (by default), the ability to reply to specific messages in group chats as well as contact with friends and family.

The feature that spends the most time in the WhatsApp is undoubtedly group chat, and only groups of 5 to 10 people can get dozens of messages daily over the phone, and these groups also cause rumours in different countries.

But have you ever wondered what happens if every chat is put in the archive? In at least one experience, this has proven to be much better and it is just as if you had to bring your email inbox to zero or clear it to maximize the utility of the service.

The idea is simple, and after looking at all the e-mails you have, move it from Inbox to another, and in WhatsApp, the task can start from Chatswave, where all the contacts and rubrics The conversation is there.

If you hold down a WhatsApp chat icon for a while, then the option to select several chat icons at once will come up.

Select all the chats in which the messages are answered or no longer in touch and then click on the Archive button in the upper right corner.

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Archiving a chat does not mean it has been deleted, it is stored in the chat icon WhatsApp and you can search the group or any individual user's chat.

Similarly, if a new message arrives on this chat, it appears in your inbox again and old messages are in it, so archive messages aren't missing anything.

The WhatsApp also urges users to use this feature and writes on its website that the 'Archive Chat feature gives you the ability to hide conversations from the chat screen and access later if you need to. Organize your conversations by archiving groups or individual chats. '

Using this feature of WhatsApp makes it easy for you to view a message and not override the reply since only the chat in the inbox will not show the new message.

If you need to reply after watching this chat, please reply and then archive


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