Hamas hacked Israeli soldiers' phones with pictures of girls

Hamas hacked Israeli soldiers' phones with pictures of girls

Posted on Feb 19, 2020

The Israeli army has acknowledged that Hamas, the Palestinian organization that fought for independence, had access to dozens of soldiers' mobile phones with pictures of beautiful girls.

This is not the first time that the Israeli military has acknowledged that Hamas has accessed soldiers' mobile phones with a virus system sent to pictures of beautiful and half-naked girls.

Even before this, the Israeli army has been admitting that Hamas has been trying to access Israeli soldiers' personal mobile phones through various tactics.

Three years ago in 2017, the Israeli army also admitted that Hamas activists had accessed their mobiles by sending pictures of beautiful girls to Israeli soldiers.

And now once again, Israeli military officials have admitted that even in the latest incident, Hamas has accessed the personal mobile of their soldiers.

girls pix

The girls whose accounts were sent to the soldiers also looked Israeli in appearance — the screenshot
According to the British newspaper The Independent, Lieutenant Colonel Jonathan Conrix of the Israeli army acknowledged that Hamas workers managed to access the mobile phones of dozens of Israeli soldiers.

According to an Israeli army officer, this is the third time in the last three and a half years that Hamas has betrayed Israeli soldiers through pictures of beautiful and semi-nude girls.

According to him, Hamas activists are increasingly specialized in cybercrime, and this time they have accessed the personal data and numbers of the mobile phones of dozens of Israeli soldiers.

He explained that initially, Hamas sent a request to Israeli soldiers to increase relations with beautiful and attractive girls through social media apps, which, after accepting, made matters more complicated.

Jonathan Conrix said the Israeli soldiers had been transmitted the virus through WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook and Instagram to the women, and Israeli soldiers began to freak out after seeing pictures of the girls.

An Israeli military spokesman said that when Israeli soldiers expressed a desire to further their relationship with the girls, the girls would send them a link, saying that downloading it would allow them to easily view their photos.


Pictures of a beautiful girl included in photos sent to soldiers - Photo: IDF
According to the military official, as soon as the Israeli soldiers downloaded the link, the virus was downloaded to their mobiles and Hamas had complete control over their mobile.

A military spokesman acknowledged that Hamas had access to all the phone numbers, photos and other data contained in the Israeli soldiers' mobile phones and also recorded photos and videos from their mobiles.

Jonathan Conrix also said that the Israeli army was aware of Hamas's access to Israeli soldiers' mobile phones and that the army made security arrangements before anything went wrong.

A military spokesman acknowledged that although he made security arrangements, Hamas's recent attack indicates that its cyber workers have mastered it.

According to Jonathan Conrix, pictures of beautiful, semi-nude and attractive girls sent by Hamas were added to the Hebrew content in their social accounts, but there were some proof errors.

According to the military spokesman, Israeli soldiers were immediately enraged because of the Hebrew girls 'names and the contents on their account, and they hacked their mobile phones in connection with the girls' relationship.

hamas girl

In the past, Hamas has been sending pictures of girls to Israeli soldiers — File Photo: Tiger Droppings


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