Great News for Huawei's Users

Great News for Huawei's Users

Posted on Nov 19, 2019

Huawei, a Chinese company facing US sanctions, is likely to be granted a temporary general license for the third time by the US Department of Commerce.

In May this year, Huawei's trade sanctions were enforced, but the US Department of Commerce granted the Chinese company a three-month exemption from sanctions by issuing a temporary license to continue trading with US companies.

A temporary license for business from the US companies listed on the American Blacklist expires on August 19 for a further three months.

According to the news, the period ends on November 19, and there is likely to be a three-month waiver. After Huawei is blacklisted in May, US companies need a government license to work with a Chinese company.  The US Department of Commerce will issue a temporary license for a further 90 days, which will allow Huawei to work with telecom networks, while also getting software updates for its phones.

Last week, US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Russo admitted in an interview that some rural American operators depended on Huawei to operate 3G and Four G networks. However, he said that the US is not ready to rely on Huawei's supply of FIVE G networking devices.

On the occasion of the issuance of a temporary license in May, the US Secretary of Commerce said in its statement, "This temporary license provides operators with time for alternative arrangements, while the department will have the opportunity to determine in the long run. Make arrangements for US and foreign telecommunication companies that are currently relying on Huawei equipment '.

"The license will allow operators to continue operations on Huawei mobile phones and broadband networks," the statement said.

Despite sanctions, US sanctions for Huawei are causing various problems as several large technology companies have cut ties with the Chinese company, limiting its access to key software and components.

Similarly, the company's new phones have lost Google apps and services, which is likely to affect the company's business in various markets, including Europe.

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