Government's decision to create a media wing for digital diplomacy

Government's decision to create a media wing for digital diplomacy

Posted on Mar 17, 2020

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government has decided to form a 23-member committee for the digital diplomacy strategy.

According to Dr. Arslan Khalid, Prime Minister Imran Khan's Focal Person for Digital Media, the Cabinet approved a supplementary grant of Rs. 4,27,91000

In addition, according to media reports, the digital media wing of the government will defend the government's decision on social media and the ruling party will respond to criticism of PTI.

However, Arslan Khalid rejected the claims made in the reports, saying that the digital media wing's mandate is much broader.

The Prime Minister's focal person said that in addition to monitoring government initiatives, the digital media wing will work for social media democracy (and) focus its attention on counterfeiting news.

He added that Digital Media Wing will perform duties to promote the campaign, including the best performance of digital media strategy.

Dr Arslan Khalid said that the government had set up a social media policy for its departments and that the above wing would ensure implementation of the policy.

The 23-member digital media wing will include a general manager, a digital media consultant, 5 digital communications officers, 3 video editors, 2 videographers, a photographer, 4 graphic designers, 5 authors, and a digital feed manager.

The general manager will work in the Press Information Department (PID) and will be responsible for the implementation of the digital media strategy for all government departments operating under the PID, according to the available job documentation.

In addition to the written content management of all the ministries, this strategy will also include verification of the government's social media accounts, along with the creation of digital advertising.

The digital consultant, on the other hand, will also be responsible for liaising with the digital desk of PTV and the media houses to ensure coverage of government programs and announcements.

In addition, 5 digital communications officers will work in the Ministry of Finance, Poverty Alleviation and Health, Information, Foreign and Interior Affairs, as well as the Communications Officer working in the Ministry of Tourism.

The Prime Minister's Focal Person said the recruitment would be public and an advertisement would be given this week.


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