Government willing to enable policy of electric vehicles

Government willing to enable policy of electric vehicles

KARACHI: Despite the concerns related to the National Electric Vehicle Policy (NEVP) of the automobile industry, the government plans to activate the policy by January 2020.

It should be noted that the Federal Cabinet approved the NEVP on November 5, and the Ministry of Climate Change (MoCC) convened an interlocutory meeting in Islamabad to discuss.

The Ministry of Climate Change has informed the concerned ministries and government departments that 'NEVP needs to be activated by January 2020 through the concession package through the Economic Coordination Committee (ECC)'.

Considering that Prime Minister Imran Khan has already announced the implementation of NEVP, Imran Khan's announcement is being looked at in the wake of recent smog.

On the aforementioned issue, the Ministry of Climate Change said that under Article 8 of the policy it was decided to set up an inter-ministerial committee which would include members of federal ministries, provinces, private sector and educational institutions.

He said that the committee would be responsible for overseeing all issues related to electric vehicle value chain so that manufacturing at the local level was easy.

Abdul Wahid Khan, director general of the Pakistan Automotive Manufacturers Association (PAMA), told that "we were not invited to the interim meeting."

"We have not been trusted to implement the NEVP policy," he added.

At the same time, he said that the news has been circulating in the market since November 4 that the NEVP policy is on the agenda of the federal cabinet meeting.

The meteorological ministry had earlier submitted a draft policy of the electric vehicle, though it has not yet taken a stand on the stakeholders concerned.

On the other hand, the Engineering Development Board (EDB) May 23 called for a meeting with the people of the automotive sector to formulate a policy for electric vehicles.

Stakeholders unanimously expressed reservations that the relevant ministry was unfamiliar with the issue and that it was the responsibility of the Ministry of Industry and Production (MOIP).

Pama's Director-General Abdul Waheed Khan said that Pama had a discussion with the MoEP and the ADB and also held a consultation meeting with his own officials in Karachi November 1st, which included the NEVP for the auto industry. The proposal was discussed how to configure.

He said it was surprising to Puma that the policy on electric vehicles was on the agenda of the Federal Cabinet meeting on November 5, when stakeholders were discussing it with the ADB and policy approval on the same topic. The other part of the government offered.

Abdul Waheed Khan said that the government has taken an important decision on the policy of electric vehicles while the entire auto industry is in the dark as the government has not spoken in this regard nor heard any official statement.

He informed Advisor Commerce Abdul Razzaq Daoud that it is unusual that under MDI, ADB initiated discussions with stakeholders on the policy of electric vehicle, while another ministry already supported summary on the same topic. And presented it to the cabinet for approval.

Abdul Waheed Khan urges Abdul Razzaq Daoud to inform the auto industry about NEVP's current position


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