Google's exciting game Doodle on World Earth Day

Google's exciting game Doodle on World Earth Day

Posted on Apr 23, 2020

On the occasion of World Earth Day on April 22, Google released its new doodle in which the importance of bees was explained.

On the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, Google announced the most important living bee on Earth, which is currently endangered.

Did you know that a large part of everything we eat comes from these bees?

And experts believe that if bees do not live in this world, then humans will not be able to survive in this world.

We get honey from bees which are used in many medicines along with food items.

This Google doodle shows the process of polishing, allowing users to continue the game for as long as they want and to view thousands of flowers and trees.

It is believed that bees transfer plant pollen (tiny particles that are essential for plant reproduction) to the male and female parts of the plant, which is why plants grow and grow. Flowers and then fruits or vegetables are formed, this process is called pollination.

This process takes place when the bees come to the flowers to suck the sap.

However, increasing air pollution around the world is proving to be very dangerous for humans as well as these bees.

Remember that World Earth Day is celebrated around the world on January 22 under the auspices of the United Nations.

The main purpose of celebrating this day globally is to draw the attention of the international community to the issues related to the protection of the planet and environmental pollution.

Earth Day was first observed in the world in 1970 and efforts were made to preserve the environment.

This day is regularly celebrated in 193 countries around the world to raise awareness against the growing air, land, and water pollution around the world.

earth day

Awareness programs are organized on this occasion to clean the environment and avoid spreading pollution among the people while people highlight the importance of this day by cleaning their areas.

Social welfare organizations go to sea, rivers, or other natural sites in the city to clean up and pledge to keep the land clean.


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