Google values money rather than human rights

Google values money rather than human rights

Former Google executive director of the world's largest Internet search engine, Rose Lajonis, claims that "Google" values ​​money rather than human rights.

For 51 years, Lajonis has served as the International Relations Executive Director at 'Google' Search Engine for 11 years.

He was fired by the search engine in July 2019 after serving for more than a decade at Google.

Rose Lajonis, after being fired, alleged that Google had "fired" her for raising human rights violations.

And now they claim in a detailed blog about 'Google' that human rights matter to the world's largest search engine, but Google values ​​money.

Rose Lajonis writes in the aforementioned blog site 'Medium' in which she provides job description details at 'Google'.

Human rights violations have been blamed on Facebook, including Google in the past - Photo: Shutterstock
Rose Lajonis writes the blog at a time when she is campaigning for a Senate seat from the state Maine on behalf of the American political party 'Democrats'

On Tuesday, the Legionnaire will contest the Senate seat from the state Maine, and in a blog post about the election campaign, they have identified more stringent rules for other Internet technology forums, including 'Google'.

In the longest blog, Rose Lounge writes about the beginning of employment with Google, from 2008 to 2019, and claims that 'Google values ​​business rather than human rights.'

The former executive director states in his blog that countries such as China and Saudi Arabia are involved in human rights violations, but Google works closely with them as well as special projects for them.

There have also been allegations of human surveillance on Google at all times - Photos: Shutterstock
He cited in his blog that 'Google' has been banned in China since 2010, but Google created another search engine with the permission and permission of the Chinese government to do business there, which Google later acknowledged.

Similarly, the former director claimed in his blog that Google also creates special projects for Saudi Arabia and that it does not value human rights abuses.

Rose Lajonis wrote in her blog that she was surprised to learn recently that 'Google' is going to build an artificial intelligence centre in the Chinese city of Beijing.

He claimed that he demanded Google Analytics give importance to human rights but was told that business was more important to search engines.

He reiterated that he was simply ignored when talking about human rights and refused to work with him.

He explicitly claimed that money and business are important to Google, rather than human rights


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