Google Release Wordpress Plugin for Google Products

Google Release Wordpress Plugin for Google Products

Google has released a plugin for Wordpress "SiteKit version 1.0". It's the beta version Officially out for use. Since the release of the SiteKit preview, Google says it has simplified setup, fixed bugs and polishing the main user flow.

Site Kit WordPress allows users to access data from Google products right from their site's dashboard. The plugin collects data from Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Page Speed Insights, and AdSense. With Site Kit, no additional code editing is needed, making it easier for people with a developer experience to set up products like Google Analytics.

Anyone can install a Site kit, Site Kit does not have any coding required, so it is easy to set up and use Google Analytics as a tool to improve your development experience. Anyone can install a site kit, but Google emphasizes that it's especially useful for experts who work on sites for clients. 

Reasons include: 

Clients and other team members have been able to easily collect data from Google Products by logging into their WordPress dashboard. Clients will see performance status and optimization recommendations directly from Google The Site Kit allows you to do Role management and ensure that only relevant person know the information.

To get the maximum benefit of Site Kit, Google recommends reviewing the main dashboard at least every week. You can also view individual page statistics by navigating to the page and clicking the Site Kit in the admin bar. With this data, Google recommends comparing high performing pages and seeing how people find them. This can help you find trends, such as which topics get the most engagement on Twitter, which gets the most engagement on Facebook, and more.

To get started with Site Kit, install it from your WordPress dashboard.
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