Google Photos New Feature Will Make Your Old Phone Look Like an iPhone

Google Photos New Feature Will Make Your Old Phone Look Like an iPhone

Soon your old Android phones will be able to produce images similar to the new iPhone 12.

Yes, that's right you can now become known as a Lord of the Rings.

This will be possible with Google Photos and for this, a new feature has been introduced in Google Photos called Cinematic Photos which will be available to the users in the coming weeks.

This feature in the Google Photos app will animate animated layers by adding them to a still image. "For this purpose, we used machine learning technology to predict the depth of an image and to create a 3D version of the scene, even in the original image," said Jamie Espinal, product manager at Google Photos. The camera can't provide such depth.

He added that the image is then animated just like a movie scene. When this feature becomes available to users, they will be able to view photos in Memories in this new way and share them with their loved ones in the form of short video clips.

Another update is being made to Google Photos, which will add favorite people and activities to the Memories section. Similarly, users will be able to hide specific people or times so that they do not reappear in memory. According to the company, work on Cinematic Photos is still ongoing and more changes will be made in the next few months.


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