Google Now Can Now Send Audio Messages to the Whatsapp Without Touching the Phone

Google Now Can Now Send Audio Messages to the Whatsapp Without Touching the Phone

Posted on Aug 21, 2020

If you're constantly receiving messages from a friend (in the WhatsApp) and your heart doesn't want to type a message, it's now possible to send an audio message directly from Google Assistant.

Google announced in a blog post that it has made it easier to send voice messages to contacts. Users can now send audio messages via Google Assistant. To use this new feature just go to Google Send Audio Message (Hey Google, send audio message) and that's it.

When you do this, you will see 2 options of SMS (if it is possible to send an audio message) and WhatsApp. Selecting one of these WhatsApps will ask you to record a message from Google Stunt and this process will be possible only with voice without touching the phone.

If you don't have Google Voice Command enabled on your phone, you can send an audio message directly to a WhatsApp friend by opening the Google Assistant app. Google said the feature is available to English-speaking users around the world (just to activate Google Assistant, otherwise the message can be sent in any language).

According to the company, "Voice messaging is like a walkie-talkie for the modern world, often the easiest way to communicate with a friend or family." Now you can send audio messages from Google Assistant without touching Android phones. To use the feature, you don't have to open the WhatsApp to find contacts and then send an audio message.

According to Google, the assistant can also listen to web articles aloud, all you have to do is say “Hey Google, Read it” or “Hey Google Read This Page”. Google Assistant can also be used to take selfies. Just say 'Hey Google take a selfie', Google Assistant will launch the front camera and take a picture after 3 counts.

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