Google has Decided to Make it easier to learn the Pronunciation of Words

Google has Decided to Make it easier to learn the Pronunciation of Words

Posted on Nov 18, 2019

English is a language that varies greatly in pronunciation and pronunciation of words, and this is why most people find it difficult to speak.

However, now Google has decided to make it easier for you to learn the pronunciation of words. Yes, a new feature has been introduced in the world's most popular search engine that will alert users to the correct pronunciation of difficult words.

According to Google, this feature will use sound recognition technology to create sound bytes and then use machine learning technology to determine what is the correct pronunciation.

All you have to do is type and click on the search bar, followed by an audio clip of the correct pronunciation. This feature is available in English and the Spanish version will be introduced soon. Google has also added images to the dictionary description that begin with English alphabet names like orange, and this feature will be gradually expanded to translate all languages.

Google has not specified who is seeking help with the pronunciation of words, such as the Oxford English Dictionary or anything else.

Google has added another feature to the pronunciation feature, so when you do a search, enable Google Assistant on your phone to speak the word on the phone's microphone, to which the assistant will give feedback and tell if it is correct.

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