Google Chrome's Protection Against Unsafe Internet Connections

Google Chrome's Protection Against Unsafe Internet Connections

Posted on Dec 30, 2022

The biggest internet search engine in the world, Google, is still working to make its "Chrome" more secure and there's a possibility of introducing a great feature on the browser soon.

A tool to prevent the opening of unsecured internet connections on Quorum and downloads from there is reportedly being developed by the corporation, according to "Nine to Five Google," a website that tracks Google developments. This feature is expected to be released soon.

Google Chrome still sometimes shows users with a website address written to indicate that they are using an unsecured internet connection, but the security will be improved after the feature.

According to the report, after the said feature, not only internet connections but also warning about insecure websites will be visible to the user. Quorum will inform the user that what they use, 'HTTP', is insecure.

Every website's protocol bar, "HTTP," written at the start of every address, indicates whether or not the site is safe.

Google Chrome's new functionality will examine the "HTTP" protocol and notify users when accessing an unsecured website.

In addition, Chrome will prohibit any attempts by a user to download any content from an unsafe "HTTP" URL and will also prompt the user to avoid doing so.

Although the user can disregard the Chrome warning and download the content from the risky website under the feature above, Chrome will repeatedly warn the user.

The feature will likely be added to Chrome soon. However, the exact date is not yet known.



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