Google Announce Journalism Relief Fund to provide emergency relief to journalists

Google Announce Journalism Relief Fund to provide emergency relief to journalists

Posted on Apr 19, 2020

Google hinted at waiving ad manager platform fees for journalists for the next 5 months.

According to Google, the movie was made in the context of the Coronavirus, which is affecting journalists as well.

Google has decided in addition to the 'Journalism Relief Fund', which will provide emergency relief to journalists, regarding the fees for the Admin Platform.

Jason Washington, head of Global News Partners at Google, said details will be announced in the coming days.


He added that news outlets make sure to follow the relevant guidelines.

During a global crisis, people rely on standard journalism to stay informed and safe, Washington said in a blog post.

He said the ads coming during the news coverage will be used by journalists who run the news site and app.

The blog post states that ad serving fees for qualified news publishers globally will be waived for the next five months.

Remember that Google's Ad Manager is an automated platform that can be used for news message marketing on websites.

Journalists are also suffering from a financial crisis caused by a virus that is unable to report to the Global Health Crisis due to a lack of resources.

Google said this week it would offer grants that would be 'less than one thousand dollars' and 'slightly less than thousands of dollars' for the big newsroom, but Google's total funding was not mentioned.

It is to be noted that Facebook March 30 donated $ 1 million to help journalists affected by the outbreak worldwide.

In recent months, Facebook and Google have stepped up efforts to help news organizations following criticism that the media is facing severe difficulties in leveraging digital operations in the wake of their online advertising.


Mian Tajamul

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