Google and Apple joint venture to prevent COVID-19

Google and Apple joint venture to prevent COVID-19

Posted on Apr 13, 2020

Google and Apple have announced that the two companies will jointly assist governments and health agencies around the world in tracking the spread of the Coronavirus and will use Bluetooth technology.

Engineers from both companies will jointly introduce a solution for iOS and Android phones that will stay in touch with the apps of public health authorities.

An application programming interface or set of APIs is being released by the companies that will enable interoperability between Android and iOS.

In the next few weeks, Apple and Google will set up a comprehensive platform that will track the spread of the virus using Bluetooth technology and also take care of consumer privacy.

This new Blue Tooth protocol is being called contact tracing, which will inform consumers via smartphone that they have come in contact with an affected person.

According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, transparency and customer choice will be taken into account in the process.

According to Apple's whitepaper, this technology will not require consumer location.

The document states that the onboard radios on the device will transmit an anonymous ID over a short-range, and the servers will match the user's last 14 days of IDs with other devices, depending on how long the two devices pass And how close it is, as things will be seen.

If it turns out that the user contacting the virus has been confirmed, the notification will be notified, so that they can take actions like tests and quarantines.

The two companies started work on this project 2 weeks ago and will work on 2 stages.

In the first phase, the API will be released in mid-May, which will work with iOS and Android apps.

Companies say that this API is easy to use and connect to apps and that it will allow apps to do the content tracing of users.

In the second phase, contact tracing will be done at the operating system level using a more efficient way, which will not require any app.

This phase will begin in the next few months.

The statement issued by the companies said that everyone at Apple and Google believes that there is nothing more important than working together now to overcome the most pressing issue facing the world.

"With close cooperation, partnerships with developers, governments, and institutions, we expect that with the help of technology, we will be able to slow the spread of Code 19 by helping people around the world," the statement said.


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