Google Added Another Useful Feature to Google Maps

Google Added Another Useful Feature to Google Maps

Google has introduced Dark Mode for its most popular service Maps. Google has announced the introduction of Dark Mode for Android users around the world using Maps. Google has been testing Dark Mode in Maps since September 2020, and a limited number of users have been added.

According to the company, Dark Mode will soon be available to Android users around the world. This is the official Dark Mode for Google Maps, which changes the app from a light to a dark theme. Already in Google Maps, the app moves to a slightly darker mode while navigating in low-light areas at night. When you switch to dark mode in Google Maps, it will change to different shades of gray.

Current tabs and directions will be displayed in soft blue. The darkest shade of gray will be used in the background of the map while the streets will be shown in semi-light gray.

How to use Dark Mode in Google Maps?

To do this, open the Settings menu in Maps and scroll down and click on Theme. There you can switch to dark mode by selecting Always in Dark theme. To change that, you can go there and switch the voice on the Always in Light theme. Note that changing the device theme to dark mode can also be used in dark mode on Google Maps, while enabling dark mode on Google Maps will also darken the device's theme.

In addition to Dark Mode, Google has also introduced more features for Android devices. These features include scheduling messages in Google Messages, a newer version of Talkback, a password check-up feature, Google Assistant updates and new features for Android Auto.

It should be noted that Google had stated in 2018 that the presence of dark mode in the operating system and apps helps to increase the battery life of a device. On this occasion, Google gave an example that using YouTube with a dark theme uses 43% less battery power than normal mode, because in normal mode the screen uses a lot of white and the battery consumes faster.

But surprisingly, Google has not yet introduced this feature for its most popular app maps. Keep in mind that using dark mode also helps to protect your eyes from the negative effects of light emitted from smartphones and laptops.


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