Forward messages become more limited in WhatsApp

Forward messages become more limited in WhatsApp

With the outbreak of the new Novel Coronavirus, fake news and misinformation are being shared on social media too, which is being taken by technology companies to prevent it.

WhatsApp has also announced a new ban on users that will completely change the experience of using this messaging app.

The WhatsApp has now tightened the ban on messages being forwarded too much to prevent misconceptions about the Coronavirus outbreak.

The company has announced that if a user gets a forwarded message, ie a message that has been forwarded more than 5 times, under this new ban, the user will only be able to forward one chat instead of 5 more chats.

Be aware that last year the WhatsApp banned sending up to 5 individual chats.

While this restriction may not be possible to prevent the message from spreading out wide, it is a significant change that will change the experience of using this app, as most people will be able to forward most of the messages they receive. 

The company hopes the change will help slow the spread of a viral but misinformation message, as rumors spread in the UK that 5G is causing the Coronavirus and several mobile phone towers were burned by the people.

According to a WhatsApp statement, the Coronavirus has caused a significant increase in the WhatsApp usage rate and a large number of messages are being forwarded by people, making the spread of misinformation even faster.

The statement said that as a result of the Coronavirus, billions of people are now relying on the WhatsApp more than ever to stay connected to their loved ones. During this crisis, people are now connected to doctors, teachers, and loved ones living alone.

According to the statement last year we introduced the concept of forwarded messages to users. This move indicates two arrows on the message and the label on the Forward above indicates that the sender did not write it himself. We're now introducing a range of messages that can be forwarded to one chat at a time.

As a private messaging service, over the years we have taken several steps to keep the conversation active. For example, we set a limit on previously forwarded messages, resulting in a 25% reduction in globally forwarded messages.

According to the statement, is the message forward wrong? Certainly not. We have seen a significant increase in forwarded messages in recent days, which can leave consumers feeling overwhelmed and even spreading misinformation. We believe it is important to keep these messages low in order to protect the WhatsApp for personal interaction.

Because of the end-to-end encryption in WhatsApp, the company is unable to view the content of messages sent on the platform and it is difficult to prevent harmful messages, instead, the limit for forwarding messages has been made.

The company said that in addition to this new change, we are also working directly with welfare agencies and governments, including the World Health Organization and Health Ministries of more than 20 countries to help connect people with the right information. Working closely with these trusted authorities, we have sent millions of messages based on useful information and safety guidelines. You can learn more about these efforts, as well as submitting anonymous information and rumors to the Corona Virus Information Hub at fact-checking agencies.

WhatsApp-owned company Facebook has taken several steps regarding the Coronavirus outbreak.

Free developer tools for COVID 19 were released in Messenger last month, while the Coronavirus Information Center was introduced on March 19 at the top.

The purpose of this information center is to spread the useful information provided by governments and medical researchers regarding the virus while minimizing the spread of misinformation.

This information center is updated in real-time, while new information and tips are provided from other official sources, including the World Health Organization.

Facebook also banned ads for the treatment of the Coronavirus, while the World Health Organization announced a $ 2 million advertising site.



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