Facebook sues Israeli company for hacking users' WhatsApp accounts

Facebook sues Israeli company for hacking users' WhatsApp accounts

In this age of smart war, lawsuits have been filed against websites like Google, Twitter, and Facebook for spying on users.

However, for the first time, Facebook Insurance has filed a lawsuit against an Israeli company for hacking or accessing the accounts of users of its messaging application WhatsApp.

Yes, Facebook sued an Israeli technology firm in a US court on charges of hacking or accessing WhatsApp users' accounts.

According to the British newspaper The Guardian, Facebook Insurance has filed a lawsuit against the Israeli software technology firm NSO Group in the federal court of Oakland, California.

The lawsuit was filed by Facebook Insurance last week, The Israeli software firm NSO hacked or illegally accessed the accounts of at least 1,400 WhatsApp users using its offices and US computer servers in the United States.


The petition claims that the Israeli agency gained access to the mobile phones of journalists, lawmakers, politicians, social leaders, and other important figures in several countries.

The lawsuit, filed by Facebook Insurance, claims that the Israeli company not only used US territory to hack WhatsApp users' accounts but also used US employees, including US computer servers. ۔

Facebook said in the lawsuit that the Israeli firm not only illegally gained access to the accounts of WhatsApp users, but that the Israeli company also sent threatening messages and phone calls to those users.

However, the Israeli firm has denied the Facebook insurance allegations, saying it only provided its own services to governments and did not know who was targeted by governments.

The management of the Israeli firm said in its response to the court that it does not consider the provision of services to governments to be hacking.
On the contrary, it is working with governments to bring peace to the world by thwarting terrorism and sabotage efforts.

It is unknown at this time what country the Israeli firm hacked or accessed the 1,400 WhatsApp users' accounts, and from which country's government the Israeli firm did so.



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