Facebook is willing to pay employees who suffer from mental problems while working

Facebook is willing to pay employees who suffer from mental problems while working

Facebook, the world's largest social networking site, will pay a total of  $52 million (approximately PKR 5 billion) to its moderators who suffer from mental problems and confusion while monitoring content.

Facebook Administration uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to monitor the publication of content related to controversial, violent, sexually inappropriate, extremist, and terrorist elements on the Website.
 The administration has also deployed thousands of moderators for this purpose.

Thousands of Facebook moderators monitor controversial, violent, sexually inappropriate, and terrorism-related content shared by users around the world and immediately remove any inappropriate content.

While monitoring such provocative, horrific, violent, inappropriate, and sexually explicit material, thousands of moderators suffered mental problems and filed lawsuits against the Facebook administration.

Moderators filed a lawsuit against Facebook in a U.S. state of California in 2018, seeking financial support from the website's management.

In the lawsuit filed by the moderators, the employees claimed that they had spent many hours every day in violence, murder, child sexual abuse and exploitation, terrorism.
And watching hateful content has caused mental problems.

According to moderators, while on the job, they also watch videos and pictures in which a person's head is detached from his torso, every minute and every moment after watching those horrible pictures and videos, stress, confusion, and mental problems. They have become victims of and they want help from the institution in this regard.

Facebook has now filed a lawsuit in a California court in connection with the lawsuit, in which the Facebook administration agreed to provide financial support to the moderators.


According to the AFP news agency, the Facebook administration has submitted legal documents in the state court of California regarding the payment of money to the moderators.
According to the website, officials will pay the moderators the US  $52 million, or about 5 billion Pakistani rupees.

According to documents submitted by Facebook, the amount will be divided equally among 10,000 moderators, and according to the agreement, each moderator must receive at least one thousand US dollars.

According to the documents, some moderators suffering from mental problems, stress, and confusion will be paid up to 50 thousand US dollars, however, each moderator will be paid according to their mental problems and confusion according to the record.

In addition, the Facebook administration is committed to assisting its moderators in making mental health arrangements for its contractors, and in this regard, the website authorities are working with contractors to improve the mental health of moderators. 


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