Facebook is Giving Users More Control Over Data

Facebook is Giving Users More Control Over Data

Facebook is increasingly giving users more control over data and a useful tool is being introduced in this regard.

This tool will allow users to transfer their data or media files to other services.

This feature allows users to transfer photos and videos on Facebook to another online service such as Google Photos.

In fact, the company has just launched Google Photos and is part of a consolidated data transfer project between Google, Microsoft, Twitter and Facebook, aimed at facilitating the transfer of information between these services. ۔

This new open source project data transfer project will provide users with an easy and convenient option to transfer data between all these platforms.

If everything goes according to plan, users' data will be transmitted from one service to another without being downloaded or uploaded.

This tool is currently being introduced in Ireland by Facebook and is expected to be rolled out worldwide by the second quarter of 2020.

This tool will be available in your Facebook information in your Facebook settings and all data will be encrypted.

According to Facebook, you need to enter your password before you can transmit data.

Last year, Instagram announced the introduction of such a tool


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