Facebook introducing encrypted audio and video chat very soon

Facebook introducing encrypted audio and video chat very soon

Posted on Nov 1, 2019

Facebook is likely to introduce users with encrypted audio and video chat very soon.

According to Jane Manchwon Wong, the app researcher who introduced new features to different apps, this new feature is being tested in Secret Messenger by Facebook Messenger.

Secret Convergence was introduced in 2016 in feature messenger, which provides end-to-end encrypted chat to users.

To use it, open the Messenger app and click on the new message icon on the top right and then on the secret or locked icon.

Jane Manchun Wong posted a screenshot in the tweet which looks exactly like the usual chat in Messenger, but audio and video call icons are visible on the corner.

This new feature seems to be part of Facebook's plan to expand end-to-end encryption in all apps, announced recently by Mark Zuckerberg.

But it is difficult to say for how long this feature will be available to consumers, but apparently it can be rolled out soon.

Jane Wong also said that the company is bringing voice assistant to the main app, which will be a rival to Google Assistant and Apple Siri.

It has been working on Facebook since 2018 but has not been introduced yet

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