Facebook Introduced Pinterest-Style New App Named Hobbi

Facebook Introduced Pinterest-Style New App Named Hobbi

Facebook has quietly released a new app that resembles the well-known application of Pinterest.

The new Facebook app has been named Hobbi, which is currently available in the App Store for Apple's iPhone users in the US and other countries, and the use of Android has not been introduced.

Details on the App Store stated that the application aims to help you remember and save your favourite things.

Like Pinterest, this app can save photos and organize your favourites.

The app also has areas like dining or enjoying food, arts, crafts and home decor.

About this new app, Pinterest claims that the app lacks discovery, search and suggestions for new things.

This new app has been developed by a new Facebook group New Product Experiment Team, which was created in 2019.

Facebook has said in the past that it will not show reluctance to shut down the team's project when it does not appeal to people.

So Hobby's fate will be determined by how much people like him.



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