Facebook helps Trump to Win Election

Facebook helps Trump to Win Election

After being elected by President Donald Trump in 2016, he was accused of using a Facebook-like platform to win.

At the same time, news of Donald Trump's victory came as news that Russia was allegedly paving the way for his victory, and American investigative agencies began investigating the matter.

Subsequently, a scandal such as the Cambridge Analytica came out, which revealed that Facebook misused US consumer data and led to the victory of Donald Trump.

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Website founder Mark Zuckerberg has also talked about the role of Facebook in Donald Trump's victory, and he has never explicitly acknowledged that a social website helped the US president.

However, now an executive director of Facebook admits that Facebook helped Donald Trump win during the 2016 presidential election, and now there are similar prospects in 2020.

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Facebook's director of artificial intelligence Andrew Bushworth has openly acknowledged for the first time that Facebook helped Donald Trump's presidential election, and now again there are clear prospects.


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