Facebook has begun work on developing its operating system

Facebook has begun work on developing its operating system

Facebook has begun work on developing its operating system to end its reliance on Google's Android system.

According to The Information Report, this new operating system is being developed by a team headed by Mark Lewkowski, who created the Windows NT operating system for Microsoft.

The report did not say much about the new operating system and how it would be used, but it did suggest that Facebook's Oculus reality headset and portal video chat device were working on Android, adding to the new system. Can be used.

Facebook's AR and VR department official Ficus Kirk Patrick said that in the future it may not be possible to rely on Google software for Facebook devices and remove Google control entirely from them or Be reduced.

"We don't think we can trust the market or rival companies and we have to move on with our bills," said Andrew Hardware Bosworth, Facebook hardware head.

Facebook is also working on developing augmented reality glasses that are likely to be introduced by 2023, while the company is also working on a brain interface that allows users to control these smart glasses with just ideas. Will help

SmartGlasses code equipped with facebook Augmented Reality technology has been placed semi-Orion, which will bring a graphic display to the eyes of the consumer while the user can make calls and position his or her position with live stream and Facebook Power AI. Can do something

In fact, Facebook wants to eliminate smartphones through these glasses, so the idea of ​​developing a new operating system in place of Android is understandable.

The report points out that Facebook expects to gradually build on its operating system and follow Apple's strategy in regards to hardware.

Interestingly, this is not the first time Facebook has been working on developing its operating system, even before 2013, it made several changes to Android in HTC's phone, but users did. Didn't like.

But now that the company is facing multiple privacy scandals, the company still expects people to use devices that operate on its operating system.


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