Facebook has Begun Work on a New tool Against Fake Accounts

Facebook has Begun Work on a New tool Against Fake Accounts

Posted on Nov 7, 2019

Facebook has begun work on a new tool against propaganda and spreading false information against fraudulent accounts. The world's most popular social networking site is testing a video-verification system in which users will be asked to upload facial short video clips to confirm their identity and origin.

Jane Manchun Wong, app researcher who provided authentic information about Facebook features, discovered this feature. He shared animated photos and screenshots of the feature on Twitter. These screenshots show that the short selfie video in this feature depicts each side of the face, that is, viewing the circle in different directions, and the company says that these videos will last 30 days. Deleting will be done after confirming the identity inside.

A Facebook spokeswoman confirmed to technology site Mashable that the company was working on a new video verification feature, but said it did not use facial recognition. The spokesperson said that this feature is one of the steps by which we determine that a real person is running an account, not a boot, it does not use facial recognition but it detects movement and face. Is.

Facebook has claimed more than 2 billion fake accounts during the first quarter of this year while claiming to delete one billion 20 million accounts during the last quarter of 2018, but experts think the problem is even bigger. These figures are even staggering because according to the company's own statistics it has more than 2 billion 45 million monthly subscribers.

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