Facebook employees demand action on US President's posts

Facebook employees demand action on US President's posts

Facebook employees quit their jobs at home and took to Twitter to protest Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg's failure to crack down on US President Donald Trump's posts.

According to Reuters, dozens of people working for Facebook have sharply criticized Mark Zuckerberg for not taking any action on the controversial posts of the US President in their posts on the opposition platform.
However, Twitter labeled it a fact check.

Some prominent Facebook officials also took part in the online demonstration.

It has never been seen that Facebook staff has publicly criticized their CEO in this way.
Thousands of people responded to an employee's tweet, including seven engineers at React Code Library who support Facebook apps.

"Facebook has recently decided not to take any action on posts inciting violence. We urge the Facebook administration to take action against them," he said in a joint statement on Twitter.

"Mark is wrong and I will do my best to change his mind. I have over 50 like-minded colleagues who want to make an internal change," Ryan Fritas, product design director at Facebook News Percent, wrote in a tweet. ۔

Katie Zoo, an Instagram product manager, tweeted a screenshot with the hashtag BLACKLIVESMATTER stating that she had applied for a holiday to be part of the protests.

A Facebook spokesman said employees would be allowed to take part in the demonstrations and that the holidays would not be counted as holidays.

George Floyd, a 46-year-old black man in Minnesota, died in police custody in late May, sparking protests across the United States.

According to the report, the police had arrested George Floyd on suspicion of using counterfeit currency notes where he died in custody.

The video of the citizen's arrest shows police officers strangling him, while George Floyd can be heard saying he can't breathe.

It was followed by a tweet from the US president, which Twitter posted a hidden notice saying that the tweet violated Twitter's rules and promoted violence.


But Facebook denied any action on the message, while Mark Zuckerberg apparently tried to distance himself from the controversy between the US president and Twitter.

Mark Zuckerberg said in a Facebook post on Friday that although he did not like Donald Trump's words, it did not violate the company's policy of inciting violence.
And people need to know how the government is planning to use force.

He added that Facebook is in contact with the White House to clarify the company's policies.


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