Facebook can help Donald Trump in 2020 election to Win

Facebook can help Donald Trump in 2020 election to Win

Posted on Jan 10, 2020

According to US newspaper The New York Times, Facebook's chief of artificial intelligence, Andrew Bosworth, acknowledged in an 'insider' letter to company employees that Facebook advertising policy was again in favour of Donald Trump. Can help.

Andrew Bosworth published the letter on a personal Facebook page of Facebook employees in which he first spoke on Facebook about accusations affecting US election results, Russian interference and controversial advertising. And there have been allegations of false information on Facebook in this regard.

Andrew Bosworth claimed that Facebook's allegations of Russian interference in the US election, including the Cambridge Analytica scandal, were based on false information.

But at the same time, he acknowledged that the allegations were in place, but the fact is that Facebook helped Donald Trump win, and there are still clear prospects.

He also explained that Facebook helped Donald Trump through his ads and that the ads were donated to the website by Donald Trump himself.

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He said Facebook advertising works in a unique way compared to other online websites, and that Donald Trump's ads were the same.

In his letter, Andrew Bosworth did not specify how Donald Trump's ads were and how he helped him, but his comments indicate that the ads made up the minds of American voters and their decisions. Made an impact.

In his long letter, he also warned that Facebook could help Donald Trump re-emerge in this year's US presidential election.

Facebook has not yet responded to the text of the Facebook executive director's letter, nor has Donald Trump responded.

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The above letter comes at a time when the political climate for presidential elections in the United States is intensifying.

Presidential elections in the United States will begin in November 2020, and presidential candidates have begun their campaign.

This time Donald Trump will run for the second term in the election, the first time he was elected president in the 2016 election.

Although Donald Trump's presidency has been criticized, many reviews and surveys point to his chances of being elected to a second term.


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